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Presumptive vs definitive drug testing: what you need to know


Today’s podcast will cover the value of prescription and illicit drug testing and provide insight on the different clinical drug testing methodologies. We will discuss and share information regarding the following:

  • Current state of the drug misuse epidemic in the US
  • The value and clinical utility of drug testing
  • Overview of the 2 main methodologies of drug testing, presumptive and definitive

The episode will feature Quest Senior Medical Advisor, Dr Jeff Gudin; Medical Science Liaison Jack Kain, PharmD; and Executive Science Director, Les Edinboro, PhD.

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Drug testing for stimulants

Quest episode 9 Drug testing for stimulants

Today’s podcast will cover drug testing for stimulants and will highlight some of the challenges in results interpretation for this class of drugs. Important information shared during the discussion will include:

  • What is classified as a stimulant
  • Analysis of Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, and MDMA
  • Interpretation challenges
  • Synthetic stimulants
  • The role of clinical drug monitoring
  • Quest Diagnostics amphetamine drug testing offering


The episode features Dr Les Edinboro, PhD, executive science director, and Dr Jeff Gudin, senior medical advisor, Quest Diagnostics Drug Monitoring and Toxicology.

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Why and when to use oral fluid testing


Today's podcast will cover why and when to use oral fluid testing. Some key topics shared will include:


  • What is oral fluid testing?
  • Comparison of oral fluid testing to other methods of testing
  • The benefits of oral fluid testing?
  • Some of the drugs oral fluid testing can identify?
    • How are the drugs identified?
    • How is the sample collected?
  • Discussion on some of the key collection issues

The episode features Les Edinboro, PhD, Quest Diagnostics executive science director, toxicology and drug monitoring, and Jeff Gudin, MD, senior medical advisor, Quest Diagnostics drug monitoring. 

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