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Drug Misuse in America

August 27, 2020


Today’s podcast will cover key findings from the annual Quest Diagnostics Health Trends report, Drug Misuse in America. Some of the key topics shared will include:

  • Summary of analysis of more than 4.4 million de-identified drug monitoring tests performed by Quest Diagnostics from 2011 through 2018
  • Findings of a Harris Poll survey of 500 primary care physicians, as part of Health Trends report analysis
  • Highlights of the evolving drug misuse crisis in America, including Drug mixing and the overdose death connection
  • Key challenges facing physicians today, with regards to identifying drug misuse, and treating patients with chronic pain
  • The role and importance of drug monitoring and incorporating it into medical practice

This episode features Dr Jeff Gudin, senior medical advisor, Quest Diagnostics Drug Monitoring and Toxicology, and Justin Niles, lead medical informatics analyst for Quest Diagnostics Health Trends™. 

You may download a PDF version of this presentation here>>

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